Emotional Residue from Dreams

This morning, I woke up feeling particularly snarky. In recent months, with exception to times I was sick, I have always woke up in a blissfully sunny mood, but not today. And I am sure it is from what I like to call emotional residue from a dream I had. The fact that I cannot remember the details of the dream just adds to my snarkiness, although I am certain that it involved a massive fight with my ex. I was aware early on in the morning that something was out of balance, but it was not fully apparent until morning tennis practice. No matter how much I tried to shake the feeling off, it surfaced in the form of the worst practice I have ever had – my serves were way off, and I was much harder on myself for my usual beginner’s mistakes. I have since settled my nerves, and am feeling much better, thanks to some extra special attention from my fiancĂ©. But it just goes to show that subconscious things can really affect me in ways that are a bit hard to control.

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